Additional Services

Our services span a broad range of different aspects within the Information Technology business. Please take a look at what else we have to offer and if you are looking for something more specific, ask us about it!

Help Desk & Support

First-rate medical practice IT support is critical, especially in a healthcare environment. Medical practices must be able to maintain a stable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever-changing dynamic industry. Because of our vast industry experience and expertise, our team will assist you with any and all IT needs within your medical practice, from initial system installation to a full range of support options. Find out why MD Tech Pro is the top choice for IT support for your medical practice.

Our managed IT services includes a range of offerings such as:

  • EHR Selection, implementation, upgrades and support
  • HIPAA Security
  • Meaningful Use

No Medical Practice is too small

Web Developement

With the internet at your fingertips, taking advantage of your digital presence has never been more important. Web development can range from just a simple website to as complex as your mind can imagine with almost unlimited possibilities. By implementing responsive web designs, your content will be beautifully displayed on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Each site we design is part of your company's image, so we take our time to ensure that it fits your needs. No company is too small or too large. Your site will help grow and inform your client base with our help.

Graphic Design

Your company's image is crucial to success. It is most often the first thing a customer sees and will always be an identifying factor. We can help adjust what is currently being used, or what what you would like to be using and give advice on how to make it work best for the company as a whole. Beyond the identity and branding, we can also supply materials such as business cards, fliers, banners, and more! These marketing assets can help your company grow by leaps and bounds.