Protecting business data, no matter what

Welcome to the Nex Level.

Nex Level Networks, Inc. is a Syracuse based multi faceted Information Technology company. We are not the geek squad or your neighbors "computer guy". We are an elite outfit, successfully, and efficiently executing IT challenges where others fall short. We have put together comprehensive managed services to increase productivity and decrease overall cost. We work with small to medium businesses as their IT department or along side your in house IT department. We can be custom tailored to fill the gaps in IT that your business needs.

Managed Services

It's not just another buzz word IT groups around the world are using. We monitor, manage, maintain, and support every aspect of your computer network. We take an enterprising approach which is specially catered to your business needs. We streamline development and support of your network. Pay for uptime, not downtime. As your managed service provider we assume an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business.

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Medical IT Experts

Medical practices depend on IT just like patients depend on Doctors. Its the lifeblood of the practice.

  • EHR/EMR Selection, implementation, upgrades and support
  • HIPAA Security
  • Meaningful Use

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Network Support / Help Desk

Help desk designed around you. Submit tickets by phone, e-mail, or web portal. Technicians available to you and your users both onsite and offsite.


Our monitoring software and skilled technicians monitor every facet of your network. By analyzing this data we can predict certain issues and correct them before they cause an issue. Live alerting to our staff of any critical issues so that we can respond immediately. Rest easy knowing that everything will be up and up when you open in the morning.

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WAN Management

Have more than one location you want to share data or phone with? Remote users? Multi location, VPNs, Point to Points, WAN and MAN. Our Cisco certified technicians can engineer, configure, and execute all of your wide area network needs. Custom fit for exactly what you need.

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Network Securtiy

The most important part of a network. Once you have one computer talking to another the question is asked, "who's listening?". With all of the threats out there today security is the #1 priority for any network. The healthcare industry is in our roots. Our security standards and practices are based on HIPAA. Software updates, security patches, firewalls, anti-intrusion.

Data Backup

Partnered with Datto we do onsite, offsite, and cloud backups. Virtual server copies are kept at rest in our datacenter for the unthinkable. Their are only 2 kinds of servers. Those that fail and those that will fail.

Disaster Recovery

We plan, prepare, test, and execute disaster recovery scenarios.

No one wants to be left in the dark.

Hosted Environment

Thinking about migrating to the cloud? Out of site, out of mind.

Keep it safe and accessible.